The British Essayists: With Prefaces, Biographical, Historical and Critical, Volume 5

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Lionel Thomas Berguer
T. and J. Allman, 1823 - English essays

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Page 35 - As one who long in populous city pent, Where houses thick and sewers annoy the air, Forth issuing on a summer's morn, to breathe Among the pleasant villages and farms Adjoined, from each thing met conceives delight; The smell of grain, or tedded grass, or kine, Or dairy, each rural sight, each rural sound...
Page 114 - Assaying by his devilish art to reach the organs of her fancy, and with them forge Illusions, as he list, phantasms and dreams ; Or if, inspiring venom, he might taint The animal spirits, that from pure blood arise Like gentle breaths from rivers pure...
Page 81 - That from their noyance he no where can rest, But with his clownish hands their tender wings He brusheth oft, and oft doth mar their murmurings.
Page 118 - That swill'd more liquor than it could contain, And, like a drunkard, gives it up again. Brisk Susan whips her linen from the rope, While the first drizzling...
Page 119 - tis fair, yet seems to call a coach. The tuck'd-up sempstress walks with hasty strides, While streams run down her oil'd umbrella's sides. Here various kinds by various fortunes led, Commence acquaintance underneath a shed. Triumphant Tories, and desponding Whigs, Forget their feuds, and join to save their wigs.
Page 187 - I was soon confirmed in this conjecture, when, upon the increase of the cold, the whole company grew dumb, or rather deaf; for every man was sensible, as we afterwards found, that he spoke as well as ever ; but the sounds no sooner took air, than they were condensed and lost.
Page 194 - If he be deigned the honour to sit down. Soon as the tarts appear, Sir Crape, withdraw ! Those dainties are not for a spiritual maw ; Observe your distance, and be sure to stand Hard by the cistern with your cap in hand; There for diversion you may pick your teeth, Till the kind voider* comes for your relief.
Page 114 - As when a spark Lights on a heap of nitrous powder, laid Fit for the tun, some magazine to store Against a rumour'd war, the smutty grain, With sudden blaze diffused, inflames the air ; So started up, in his own shape, the fiend.
Page 33 - She first his weak indulgence will accuse." Thus they in mutual accusation spent The fruitless hours, but neither self-condemning ; And of their vain contest appeared no end.
Page 84 - ... through that difficulty, how would he be able to understand it? The first thing that strikes your eye, is the breaks at the end of almost every sentence; of which I know not the use, only that it is a refinement, and very frequently practised. Then you will observe the abbreviations and elisions, by which consonants of most obdurate sound are joined together, without one softening vowel to intervene...

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