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MERCHANTS and apulent traders,
neceffity of the velog puni-
leged to cleft representatives in
parliament, in common with
landholders, &c. 143-
MERES, Sir Thomas, his remark
on a thin house of commons,
126. His ípeech on the removal
of evil counsellors, 129
MERIDIAN, 216, 221, 223.
METHODISM, bishop of Gloucef-
ter's ftriking account of its birth,
&c. 395.
MINISTERS, bad ones only averfe
to impartial examination, 210.
Mock-Patriots, fatirically display.

ed, 214.
MONKSHOOD, its medicinal ufe,
454, feq.
MONTAGU, lady Mary Wortley,
the letters published under her
- name, genuine, 386. Her de.
fcription of Vienna, 387. Her
account of a nun there, 389.
Of the countefs Cozelle, 390.
Her journey to Adrianople, 391.
Account of the dies baths
2. there, 392. And of the ladies,
393. Her account of the Ma-
hommedan religion, 461. Of
the Arnouts, 462. Of the Turk-
ith gardeners, 464. Of the
Turkish poetry, 46. Of a vi-
fit to the vizier's lady. 469. To-
the kahya's lady, 470.

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Mr. his papers feiz-
ed, 263. His relation of that
affair in the house of commons,

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Attendance an indifpenfible du-
ty, 126. Debate on the re-
moval of evil counsellors, 129.
On the duke of Buckingham's
juftification of himself before the
houfe, 131. On impreffing fea-
men, 132. On bribery and cor-
ruption. 134. On a motion for
producing certain records, 188.
On recalling British fubjects from
French fervice, 190. Disorderly
proceedings thereon, 191. On
a bill for making Polygamy fe-
lony, 194 On the growing
greatness of France, 195. On
abufes in the courts of justice,
198. On the ladies in the gal-
lery, 199. On the royal prero-
gative, 253. On a breach of
privilege, 260. On a fupply,


261. On the feizure of Mr.
Montagu's papers, 264.
Titus Oats's behaviour, 331.
On the bill for excluding the
duke of York from fucceeding
to the crown, 334, feq. On the
abdication of James II. and for
limiting the power of his fuc-
ceffor, 411. On placemen in
parliament, 416. On the fove-
reign's regard to foreigners, 418.
On the mal- administration of
public affairs, 420. On the
king's negative voice to bills,

PATRIOTS in parliament in the
reign of Charles II. their virtue
and perfeverence, 266.
PEACE, the best too dear, if pur-
chafed at the expence of liberty,

PEERAGE, whence derived, 14:-
PELHAM, Mr. Henry, his defence
of the reduction of interest.
PENAL Laws, the nature and
pediency of, 500. Nx

vengeance, ib. Stout an e
ted to the crime, so
PENITENTS, in the ages.
pital, elegiac vene a Li
PENSIONERS, the crecia d

P numerary ones contesas.


PETER, Czar, his travels into Hol-
land and France, 551- His
conduct with regard to his fon
Alexis, ib. Exculpated by Vol-
taire, 555.

PHILIPS, Mr. his verfer on the

birth of the prince of Wales, 21-
PITT, Mr. account of his refigna-
tion, 365.

POEMS to be found among the an-
tiquities of all nations, 145. The
ancient more generally pleafing
than the modern, 149.
POETRY, how far it can be faid
to be more ancient than profe,
145. Barbarous times favour-
able to the poetical ípirit, 146.
Difadvantages of poetry on ac-
count of modern refinements,
147. Accuracy inconfiftent with
fublimity, ib. These opinions
controverted, 148, feq. Poeti-
cal imagery and defcription con-
fidered, 149.
Of the Spanish
poetry, 293.
Of the treach
poetry, 564. Of the Turki
poetry, 465.
POLLEXFEN, Mr. his fpeech m
king James's abdication.
POLYGAMY, debate of A

house of commons, 10-
miffible in certain conne

to population I
house of compG: I IN
er s tem &


liberties of the people, 142.
Their right of electing repre-
fentatives in parliament derived
from their independency, ib.
Property in trade ought to con-
fer the fame right, 143. Great
inequality in the conftitution, in
this refpect, ib. Non-electors,
the majority of fubftantial and
independent inhabitants of this
kingdom, 144.
PRUSSIA, prefent king of com-
pared to Mofes, 235. Cenfured
for his feverities in Saxony, 255.
Anecdotes concerning, 518.

-, late king of, his quar-
rel with king George the IId.
520 His behaviour to the royal
academy of fciences, 522.
PSALM ii. 7. Criticism on, 273.

civ. 4. Criticifm on, 339.
PALMS, cix. and cx. Green's
translation of, 269, 272.



UANTITY, in grammar, na-
ture and clements of, 349.

ECORD, 2 of Rich. II. Mr.

Sacheverel's motion to
have it printed, 189. Import-
ance of that record, 190.
REGENERATION, account of, 313.
in parliament, a balance to the
hereditary power of the lords,
141. Their proper conftitu-
ents, who, and whence their
right of electing derived, 142.
Great alteration and defect pro-
duced by commerce, in this part
of the conftitution, ib. Necef-
fity of comprehending the trad-
ing interest, ib.
RESOLUTIONS of the house of

commons, fome fpirited ones,
334. On the abdication of
James II. 410. On the appli-
cation of the falaries, &c. of the
crown offices, to public uses,
418. On the king's refufing to
pafs a bill, 423.
REWARDS, future, the notion of,

how far confiftent with the focia
affections, 43-

RHINE, river, famous cataract of,
poetically defcribed, 379.
Rici, Sir Robert, his difintereffed
fpeeches in parliament, 417,418.
ROME, Campagna of, account of
its unhealthy air, 217. Means
used to remove this evil, 218.
No fociety at Rome for phyfs
and mathematics, 219. The
fiudy of antiquities chiefly cul-
tivated there, 220.
ROUSSEAU, his fyllem of educa
tion, 1-14. Continued, 81-
96. His letter to the archbishop
of Paris, on that prelate's man-
date iffued against him, 224.
Roors, fquare and cube, 230, feq.
RUSSEL, admiral, his motion re-
lating to placemen, 417-



ACHEVERELL, Mr. his obfer.
vations in the house of com-
mons on impreffing seamen, 132
-133. On a motion concern-
ing records, 189. On abufes in
the courts of juftice, 198. On
the abdication of king James,
SACKVILLE, Sir Edward, abufes
Titus Oats, 330.
SALT-BOX, musical, verses adapted
to, 480.

SAWYER, Mr. his fpeech on im-
preffing feamen, 132. On an
addrefs for removing the duke of
Lauderdale, 19:. On the wrang
ling debate about a fupply, 263.
SCRIBBLERUS, Martinus, his cri-
ticifm on the Oxford and Cam-
bridge verfes on the birth of the
prince of Wales, 14. His dre"!
tranflation of Mr. Swinton's Pal-
myrene poem, 17.
SECRET-fervice-money, proceed
ings of the commons relating to,
SEPTUAGINT, Greek verfion er-
roncous, 430.

SERMON, poetical and anodyne,



SERMONS, no probability of a dearth of them, 39-40. SERVIA, defarts of, 392. Mifery of the inhabitants, ib. SEYMOUR, Mr. his fpeech on the abdication of king James, 414. Sir Edward, his fpeech

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on the king's attachment to fo-
reigners, 419.

SHUTER, the player, anecdote con-
cerning his piety, 71.

mark in
on the
public af
furd. 15.


SLAVERY, the ancient ftate of, lefs Sw barbarous than that of modern

labourers, 536.

SLOANE, Sir Hans, his life, 47-
His recipe for fore eyes, 54, the


SMUGGLING, reports concerning, to the house of commons, 343SNOWDON, ode to, on the birth of the prince of Wales, 22. SOBRIETY in no eflcem among the Perfians, 533.

SOLAR Days, all equal, 430.
Years equal, 431.

Days and years comm

furate to each other, ib.

SOUL, the feat of, cos

SOUND echoing to the fi
traordinary inftance of
mock ode on St, C

SPAIN, all our account
country unfatisfaction -
pearance of the min-
Corunna to Mara

289. Its in

ifed, ib. Re

of literature t

inquifition a

learning, 2-3 ib. sez SPEECHIL,




fior is





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