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The Six firft Books of Euclid's Flee
ed in a Manner entirely a ja ba
der the Directions of Proferenc
the leventh and twelfth 5 ons, m
Printed for Van Os at the Eugue.
and De Hondt. 1762.



HIS edition of Euclid hath a g

in the difpofition of the fever 21 = The figures alfo, being cocar ITE peated as often as required, grea, afif the the feveral propofitions illuftrated ineren

Art. 2. Effai fur la Pefanteur. Pr I * on Gravity. 1200.

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Art. 3. Effai fur les Bo

the Nature and Duratio · By the Society of Am

This work, which con judicious and useful performa ters and others, in the ne adapted to the purp

Art. 4. Inftitutione F..

tore M, P, LL
Or, Philofopura
new. By M

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Art &

de Paris. Or, A concife Hiftory of the Infects to be found near Paris. 4to. 2 vols. 1762.

In this history the feveral Infects are arranged in methodical order; the principal of them being delineated on copper-plates, amounting the number of twenty two, which ferve to illustrate and embellish te work. It is written by a young Phyfician of fome note, who, in ts botanical refearches, did not confine himself merely to plants, but made the feveral infects he met with, an equal object of his curiofity attention.

Art. 6. Effai fur l'Horlogerie. Or, A Treatise on Clock-wci, in all its Branches. By Ferdinand Berthoud, Clock-maker a Paris. 4to. 2 vols. 1763.

The ingenious and ingenuous Artift who is the Author of this work, is already well known to the learned world, by several articles written by him on the like fubject in the Encyclopedie; as alfo by a little te tife, published fome time ago, entitled, the Art of regulating Clo and Watches. The prefent, is a much more elaborate performance, and hath coft him near ten years in the compofition; containing a accurate account of the feveral obfervations and experiments he ha made in the exercife of his art.

Obfervationes de Or, Obfervaparticularly d

Art. 7. Jeannis Theoderi Eller, M. D. &c. cognofcendis et curandis morbis, præfertim acutis. tions on the Knowlege and Cure of Difeafes, acute Dilcafes. By Mr. Eller. 8vo. 1762. The character of the late Mr. Eller of Berlin is fo well known among the Gentlemen of the Faculty, that it would be needless to give hi work any farther recommendation, than to inform the public, we a well affured it is really the production of that judicious Author.

Art. 8. Sermo Academicus, de erreribus Medicorum fua utilit non Carentibus. Or, An academical Difcourfe on the Utility of the Mistakes of Phyficians. 4to. Groningen, 1762. This remarkable oration was made to the univerfity of Groningen. by Mr. Profeffor Van Doeveren, Rector of that university, on reigning his office for the past year. The points principally infifted on in the difcourfe, are four. The firft is, that the overfights of Phyficians in the treatment of their patients, may contribute to their cure. Secondly, that both the fick, and the art of medicine itself, have deduced great advantages from the ingenucus confeffion of the blunders of Phyficians; as well curing the life, as after the death of the patient. Thirdly, that the obrinacy of fome Phyficians to maintain erroneous opinions, hak frequently led the way to great difcoveries and improvements in the art of medicine. And fourthly, that even the disputes and altercations between practitioners, tho' fcandalous in themfelves, are by no means to be condemned as af-lefs to the perfection of their art.

What a comfortable reflection may not hence be deduced by the fick patient, who is under the hands of a bungling Phyfician? How fatif


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felf, I cannot conceive the language of fincerity can be fo eafily counte feited: I cannot conceive, that the enthufiafm with which he ípeak, on fo many occafions, of virtue, can poffibly arife but from a heart to ly fufceptible of its charms. And, tho' fometimes he seems to contradic himself in this particular, fuch contradictions fhould be regarded on as thofe little inconfiftencies into which men of the greateft parts are bet too liable to fall. If charity obliges us never to be wanting in cando toward the unbelieving, we ought particularly to obferve this rule, whe we undertake to refute thofe of Mr. Rouffeau's ftamp. It is fair, deed, to employ against them the force of ridicule: this is their fav rite weapon, and they are too brave to be offended at our working the with their own arms: but we should never return abuse for abufe, ad much lefs fhould we be aggreffors in this kind of altercation.”

There is a pleafure in attending to the arguments of Writers who diffent from each other in fo liberal and ingenuous a manner as our A thor; who, though a Theologue by profeffion, treats his advery". every respect like a gentleman and a scholar. "A Chriftian, farsba ought to be more maiter of his temper than a Philofopher." He ho have remembered, however, that Mr. Rouffeau difclaims the latter title, and infifts on his right to the former: nor do we believe, notwithstanding what Mr. Bitaubé has advanced, he will very readily give it up. ** Art. 12. Determinatio facra Facultatis Parifienfis fuper Libro, Eu Or, the Determination of the Faculty of Theology at Paris, concerning a Book entitled Emilius, or a Treatife on Educa tion, by Mr. Rouffeau, 4to. Paris, 1762.

Never furely was poor Writer fo feverely treated, fo buffeted on a fides, and by all parties, as the unfortunate Author of Emilius. Bu for all this, it is yery true, he may thank his own temerity. Wherefor fhould a man dare to think for himfelf, in an age when reflection is i crime, and it is the greatest folly in the world, to be wife above what is already written? Nay, fo univerfal is the outcry against this Wriet, that we doubt whether he would altogether efcape perfecution even. among his favourite Hottentots, or his more favourite Savages d North-America.

Art. 13. La Langage de la Raifon. Or, the Voice of Reafon; by the Marquis Caraccioli, Author of La Jouiffance de Sui même, and other Pieces. 12mo. Paris, 1763.

A moral and religious performance; treating of our duty towards God and our Neighbour, the danger of infidelity, and other topics of the like nature. With regard to the ftyle and compofition, it is much of a piece with the Marquis's other works.

See Review, Vol. XX. page 551, 554-vol. XXI. p. 571.

Art. 14. L'Economie Politique. Or, Political Oeconomy; a Project for improving and enriching Mankind. 12mo. Pai ris, 1763.

The main view of this Writer is to lay down a plan, whereby Artifi es and other labouring people may, by fparing a fmall fhare of their weekly,

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Art. 15. E
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Attorneys and Pizz

It hath been frequent truth, that Frief of a affirmed, with an equ are the fame.

Lis the must be as bad or were true, that a Deptor being foed for Efound his whole í fuit. What thes felf under the sec indeed, in forma the prefent af wife, from waz Writer, the juft causes t and opprefiss

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