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Or worthier cares, to youth unknown,
Ennobling manhood! flower of life full-blown,
May never wear the bosom-image faint:
O, let him prove what words but weakly paint,
The lively lovely semblance of his sire,

A model to his son! that ages may admire!


Every virtue, every grace,
Still renewing in the race,
Once thy father's pleasing hope,
Thy widow'd mother's comfort now;
No fuller bliss does Heaven allow,
While we behold yon wide-spread azure cope
With burning stars thick-lustred o'er,
Than to enjoy, and to deserve, a store
Of treasured fame, by blameless deeds acquired,
By all unenvied, and by all desired,
Free-gift of men, the tribute of good-will!
Rich in this patrimony fair, increase it still.


The fulness of content remains
Above the yet unfathom❜d skies,
Where, triumphant, gladness reigns,
Where wishes cease, and pleasures rise
Beyond all wish; where bitter tears
For dying friends are never shed;
Where, sighing, none desire pass'd years
Recall'd, or wish the future fled.
Mournful measures, O, relieve me!

Sweet remembrance! cease to grieve me.


He the robe of justice wore
Sullied not, as heretofore,

When the magistrate was sought
With yearly gifts. Of what avail
Are guilty hoards? for life is frail;

And we are judged where favour is not bought.
By him forewarn'd, thou frantic isle,

How did the thirst of gold thy sons beguile!
Beneath the specious ruin thousands groan'd,
By him, alas, forewarn'd, by him bemoan'd.
Where shall his like, on earth, be found? oh, when
Shall I, once more, behold the most beloved of men!


Winning aspect! winning mind!
Soul and body aptly join'd!
Searching thought, engaging wit,
Enabled to instruct, or please,
Uniting dignity with ease.

By Nature form'd for every purpose fit,
Endearing excellence!—O, why

Is such perfection born, and born to die?
Or do such rare endowments still survive,
As plants removed to milder regions thrive,
In one eternal spring? and we bewail

The parting soul, new-born to life that cannot fail,


Where sacred friendship, plighted love,
Parental joys, unmix'd with care,
Through perpetual time improve?
Or do the deathless blessed share

Sublimer raptures, unreveal'd,
Beyond our weak conception pure?
But, while those glories lie conceal'd,
The righteous count the promise sure,
Trials to the last enduring,

To the last their hope securing.



MAY 1, 1723.

WHO, much distinguish'd, yet is bless'd?
Who, dignified above the rest,

Does still unenvied live?

Not to the man whose wealth abounds,
Nor to the man whose fame resounds,
Does Heaven such favour give,

Nor to the noble-born, nor to the strong,
Nor to the gay, the beautiful, or young.
Whom then, secure of happiness,
Does every eye beholding bless,
And every tongue commend?
Him, Pulteney, who, possessing store,
Is not solicitous of more,

Who, to mankind a friend,

Nor envies, nor is envied by, the great,
Polite in courts, polite in his retreat:

Whose unambitious, active soul
Attends the welfare of the whole,
When public storms arise;
And, in the calm, a thousand ways
Diversifies his nights and days,
Still elegantly wise;

While books, each morn, the lightsome soul invite,
And friends, with season'd mirth, improve the night.
In him do men no blemish see;
And factions in his praise agree,
When most they vex the state :
Distinguish'd favourite of the skies,
Beloved he lives, lamented dies:
Yet, shall he not to Fate

Submit entire; the rescuing Muse shall save
His precious name, and win him from the grave.
Too frail is brass and polish'd stone;
Perpetual fame the Muse alone

On merit can bestow:

Yet, must the time-enduring song,
The verse unrivall'd by the throng,
From Nature's bounty flow:

The' ungifted tribe in metre pass away,
Oblivion's sport, the poets of a day.

What laws shall o'er the ode preside?
In vain would Art presume to guide
The chariot-wheels of Praise,
When Fancy, driving, ranges free,
Fresh flowers selecting, like the bee,

And regularly strays,

While Nature does, disdaining aids of skill,
The mind with thought, the ears with numbers fill.

As when the Theban hymns divine

Make proud Olympian victors shine
In an eternal blaze,

The varying measures, ever new,
Unbeaten tracks of Fame pursue,
While through the glorious maze

The poet leads his heroes to renown,
And weaves in verse a never-fading crown.




APRIL 27, 1727.

DIMPLY damsel, sweetly smiling,
All caressing, none beguiling,
Bud of beauty, fairly blowing,
Every charm to Nature owing,
This and that new thing admiring,
Much of this and that inquiring,
Knowledge by degrees attaining,
Day by day some virtue gaining,
Ten years hence, when I leave chiming,
Beardless poets, fondly rhyming,
(Fescued now, perhaps, in spelling,)
On thy riper beauties dwelling,
Shall accuse each killing feature
Of the cruel, charming creature,
Whom I knew complying, willing,
Tender, and averse from killing.




MAY 1, 1724.

TIMELY blossom, infant fair,
Fondling of a happy pair,
Every morn, and every night,
Their solicitous delight,

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