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*But, Friend, take heed whom you attack;
"You'll bring a House (I mean of Peers)
"Red, Blue, and Green, nay white and black,
“L——— and all about your ears.

"You'd write as fmooth again on glass,
"And run, on ivory, fo glib,
"As not to stick at fool or ass",
"Nor ftop at Flattery or Fib.

"Athenian Queen! and fober charms!
"I tell ye, fool. there's nothing in't :
" 'Tis Venus, Venus gives thefe arms";
"In Dryden's Virgil fee the print *.

"Come, if you'll be a quiet foul,

"That dares tell neither Truth nor Lies',

"I'll lift you in the harmless roll

"Of those that fing of these poor eyes.'

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b The Dunciad.

The Epistle to Dr. Arbuthnot.

a Such toys being the ufual prefents from lovers to their miftreffes.

• When she delivers Æneas a fuit of heavenly armour. f i. e. If you have neither the courage to write Satire, nor the application to attempt an Epic poem.-He was then meditating on fuch a work.

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