The Works of the Rev. Jonathan Swift, D.D. ...: With Notes, Historical and Critical, Volume 19

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J. Johnson, 1808

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Page 241 - Damn with faint praise, assent with civil leer, And, without sneering, teach the rest to sneer; Willing to wound and yet afraid to strike, Just hint a fault and hesitate dislike...
Page 240 - He, who still wanting, though he lives on theft, Steals much, spends little, yet has nothing left: And he, who now to sense, now nonsense leaning, Means not, but blunders round about a meaning...
Page 241 - Blest with each talent, and each art to please, And born to write, converse, and live with ease; Should such a man, too fond to rule alone, Bear, like the Turk, no brother near the throne, View him with scornful, yet with jealous eyes, And hate for arts that caused himself to rise...
Page 239 - Pretty ! in amber to observe the forms Of hairs, or straws, or dirt, or grubs, or worms ! The things, we know, are neither rich nor rare, But wonder how the devil they got there.
Page 272 - ... and she tore her hair ; No British miss sincerer grief has known, Her squirrel missing, or her sparrow flown, She furl'd her sampler, and haul'd in her thread, And stuck her needle into Grildrig's bed : Then spread her hands, and with a bounce let fall Her baby, like the giant in Guildhall. In peals of thunder now she roars, and now, She gently whimpers like a lowing cow : Yet lovely in her sorrow still appears : Her locks dishevell'd and her flood of tears Seem like the lofty barn of some rich...
Page 262 - I'd be, If Molly were but kind ; Cool as a cucumber could see The rest of womankind. Like a stuck pig I gaping stare, And eye her o'er and o'er; Lean as a rake with sighs and care, Sleek as a mouse before.
Page 245 - I knew Ardelia could not quote the best ; Who, like her mistress on Britannia's throne, Fights and subdues in quarrels not her own. To write their praise you but in vain essay ; E'en while you write, you take that praise away : Light to the stars the sun does thus restore, But shines himself till they are seen no more.
Page 292 - And sensible soft melancholy. "Has she no faults then, (Envy says) Sir?" Yes, she has one, I must aver; When all the world conspires to praise her, The woman's deaf, and does not hear.
Page 281 - HERE continueth to rot The Body of FRANCIS CHARTRES, Who, with an INFLEXIBLE CONSTANCY, and INIMITABLE UNIFORMITY of Life PERSISTED, In spite of AGE and INFIRMITIES, In the Practice of EVERY HUMAN VICE, Excepting PRODIGALITY and HYPOCRISY: His insatiable AVARICE exempted him from the first, His matchless IMPUDENCE from the second.
Page 282 - He was the only person of his time who could cheat without the mask of honesty : retain his primeval meanness when possessed of ten thousand a year ; and having daily deserved the gibbet for what he did, was at last condemned to it for what he could not do.

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